In Passing

In-Passing began in 2015. At first as a kind of therapeutic photographic documentation as I navigated the wholly new identity as a mother after the birth of my first son, and then in quick succession within the following few months the death of my own mother.

Both events in different ways leaving in their wake the sensation of being out of my body, requiring more acceptance, surrender and forgiveness than anything I had experienced in the 35 years of my life prior.
This work represents my familial space during my children’s formative years but is also heavily informed by the unravelling departure of who I once was and the slowly rebuilt self that being a mother requires.

Moving through years and beyond the more easily observed challenges and transformations of new motherhood and into an enduring role that will define so much of the rest of my life. I observe a transition of their changing needs, the physical requirements of my body being replaced by more intangible and complex emotional and physiological needs.

Moments of static domesticity and home life, unspectacular and magical are chronicled alongside significant life events.
Through changing seasons and recurring environments, tedium and tension regularly reside alongside joyous innocence and boundless freedom. Each of the images tells of a particular stage in the evolution of our relationship and offers a reflection into those ever shifting emotional landscapes, a visceral account of the chaos and intimacy harboured within.

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