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In Passing

In-Passing began in early 2016, at first a therapeutic documentation as I navigated the birth of my first son and in the following months, the death of my mother. It has evolved as I have to become an ongoing work that represents my familial space during my children’s formative years and undercurrents the unravelling departure and slowly rebuilt return to self that has been my own experience of becoming a mother and the deeply human experience of grief, loss and deep love and connection.

Moments of static domesticity and home life, unspectacular and mysterious are chronicled alongside major life events, through changing seasons and recurring environments, tedium and tension regularly reside alongside joyous innocence and boundless freedom. Each of the images tells of a particular stage in the evolution of our family and offers a reflection into the ever shifting emotional landscapes, a visceral account of the chaos and intimacy that harbours within the microcosm of a family.

Most often here it is my children that are the story tellers, the time pieces and the protagonists. They provide an insight into my own childhood, unlocking memory and emotion that have long been dormant. Sometimes in a moment with them my own childhood is revisited so vididly the feeling is almost transcendant and yet at other times the difference and distacne of my own past is stark and confronting. In this new liminal space of cyclic life experience I find myself in, I am at the same time both the child of my mother and father and the mother of my children,

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