An overview of images from the past 8 years made in various locations throughout Australia of mothers and their children.
Motivated by her own experiences during pregnancy and the shock of new motherhood Lisa began documenting mothers around Australia as an act of unification and reverence for the profoundly under-represented transformation that occurs in the body and mind of a woman when they become a mother.

With a heavy focus on the pregnancy and well-being of the baby and the medicalised support system as the primary contact for pregnant women and new mothers in Australia, there is little to inform or support the complex and profound emotional and physiological transformation that changes a woman’s very being once they give birth.

Combined with the lack of realistic and varied representations of the new day-to-day lived experience or the healing, leaking and forever changing bodies and minds these disconnected cultural constructions work against mothers and hold them to an unachievable standard, adversely affecting mental health, and subjecting them to more confusion, angst and guilt at an already incredibly raw and fragile time.
Pregnancy, birth and motherhood are some of the most profound, deeply beautiful and intimate human experiences and yet it is also some of the most physically and emotionally challenging, relentless and claustrophobic.
This holistic recognition for mothers, particularly important for those without adequate access to support or those who are exposed to excess psychological and social stress, is crucial to the creation of healthy societies.