Behind Glass offers a layered exploration of motherhood as shown during the months of the burgeoning COVID-19 pandemic, as unprecedented stay-at-home measures swept across Australia and the world.

It stands as both a creative commentary and an important cultural record. Born of the pandemic, shooting began for the series as the first stay-at-home orders came into force in Australia.

Making portraits of those in her immediate community, It is a body of work motivated by a need to make visible the unseen role of parenting during such isolation and the light and darkness of motherhood during these extended periods of lockdown;

Whilst informing of a particular time, Behind Glass also speaks more broadly of the maternal experience. Newly detached from the outer world as societal constructs and expectations remain vastly at odds with lived experience.
Behind glass, mother and child appear like living and breathing masterpieces – divine comedies of domesticity.

Through this work, the hope was to make visible the hidden role of parenting; the deepest tenderness, tedium, quietude, love, frustration, fear and despair.